There are several benefits to starting your own business. You can deduct costs at the company, receive a higher income, and can apply for a start-up grant. There is also administrative work that scares away many, and so began the services that allow you to invoice without a company. Nowadays, you do not have to think about everything called bookkeeping and company taxes and fees, in exchange for a percentage fee being deducted from your invoicing.

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What does it mean to be self-employed?

Invoicing via self-employment companies simply means that you as a freelancer do not have to go through a company to invoice. Instead, you will be technically employed in a self-employment company, precisely for the assignment in question that you invoice. You do not have to report VAT, taxes and more, and after invoicing, it is up to you how you want to do the next assignment. You do not have to choose a self-employment company until it is time to send the invoice to your client.

We remember when self-employment companies were something new and exciting for freelancers and giggers, but today it has turned into a whole jungle of alternatives. Let's look at the most popular services:


EasyFreelance is the newest provider and has in a short amount of time managed to grow to be one of the self-employment companies in the Nordics. EasyFreelance provides you with a safe service with all the perks of being employed and fast payout times of 24 hours.

Service fee: 5.7%

Frilans Finans

We do not have to look back far in time to see when Frilans Finans was one of the few good alternatives in the market for invoicing without companies, and on its website it presents itself as the largest in Sweden. Today, their competitors are more than ever, but have since the start established themselves as many people's choice for invoicing without a company, much thanks to how well the service has worked for several years. The salary is paid within five banking days

Service fee: 6.0%


Cool Company is a self-employment company that simplifies and streamlines the administration of consultants and freelancers to bill without private companies. For clients Cool Company offers the possibility to hire expertise that you have chosen yourself, without hiring. Cool Company takes full responsibility. The company was founded in 2009.

Service fee: 5.9%

Before choosing a company, you should do your own research. Is there any benefit that is extra important to you? Not all self-employment companies offer the same administrative work and a certain responsibility still lies with you as a giggler and freelancer to find out what it is you get through your invoicing via self-employment companies. Contact customer service before you make an invoice in case something feels unclear, and do not forget to look at more than just the fee before you make your choice.

Good luck!