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EasyFreelance takes the responsibility for all your external resources, and makes it easy to get an overview of the costs of your projects. We guarantee tidy conditions that makes it easier, regardless of whether you are using an employee, freelancer or contractor.
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Streamline your entire payment process with a click

Stop spending time on manually managing and paying contractors. Instead, pay your whole team each month with one bulk payment, and we'll make sure they get paid right on time, in their preferred currency.
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Streamline your pool of part-time workers

With hundreds of specialist workers in our community, we match your request with the most relevant profiles. Just post your job in the platform, and you get skilled, available and interested workers asap. Review their profile before you approve.
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Team experience

Contractors don't usually get access to the same benefits and perks as employees. At EasyFreelance, we're changing that so every team member has the best experience possible with access to both solid perks and benefits.
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Security is a priority

The risk of losing sensitive employment and financial data could have major implications on your user's trust and brand image. EasyFreelance adheres to the strictest data protection and information security guidelines. EasyFreelance's two-step ironclad agreements ensure your IP and invention rights always remain yours.
Security with EasyFreelance is key

Start for free. Cancel any time.

Billing is monthly and you don't need a credit card to sign up.
You'll only be charged once you've paid your new team member.

Manage contractors

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Stay compliant with local laws and reduce the time it takes to hire, pay and take care of your team.
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Manage invoicing, compliance and onboarding in one place
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Generate and sign locally compliant contracts in seconds
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Let our pool of contractors find you.
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Pay your team in over 120 currencies
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Fund payouts in just one click
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Open API for creating contractors or invoices