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EasyFreelance makes it easy to work as a freelancer, or work for yourself. Why keep track of payments, withdrawals and accounting? EasyFreelance knows where your money comes from and where it's going. So you don't need to think about it!
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We work with self-employed people from many professions: Electricians, consultants, DJs, lecturers, stylists, salesmen and many more. No matter what industry you are in, being self-employed is quite similar to running your own company. You get your own assignments, set your own price, and decide when and where you will work. The difference, however, is that we take care of you as our own employee, and make sure that all the administrative work is done at the right time, and in the correct way.
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More satisfied customers.

You can focus completely on your work, while avoiding all the administrative tasks and paperwork you may have done before. All the trouble with deadlines and submitting reports to the tax authorities is over, and you can focus more on yourself. And you can spend more time on what gives you your income.
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Keep track of your accounting

You will be secured by us throughout the assignment period. We will provide you with insurances and also help you with your accounting whiel you are with us. We only charge an amount of 49 NOK per month you send invoices for our service. In this way, it is easy being a freelancer!
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“Thank you EasyFreelance! Love the service! User-friendly, fast, simple, no bookeeping headaches! :)”
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