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What's the deal with EasyFreelance?

How we work has changed. Todays workers want to work on their premisses. They want to work where they want, whenever they want, with what they want.

The one big issue? Tools to find work and get paid haven't kept up. Finding flexible work can be messy and is often limited to contractors with their own compay. With confusing local laws, complicated taxes, and even hefty fines (if you don't get it right).
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Create your account

Enter your personal information and contact information immediately, so that you don’t have to think about this when your salary is getting close.
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See available assignments

.. or find your own. With our platform you can look for work with any of our partners or even register your own partners if you have any that is not registereed.
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Create your invoice

Select “New invoice” to create an invoice. You only need to follow the steps downwards: Who will receive your invoice (Customer), what will be invoiced (invoice basis) and time period for your work. When everything is filled in, just accept the terms and conditions and press “send” on your invoice. We take care of the rest
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Receive your salary

We take care of the entire process after your invoice has been sent and make sure that everything is paid on time. We then guarantee that we pay your salary within 24 hours after we have received payment from your client or even within 24 hours after you sent the invoice with our EasyPay solution, as long as you are approved by our credit department. Extra fees might apply.
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Take control

Knowing how much you've earned, from who and when, no longer needs to be the work of multiple excel spreadsheets. With our platform it is easy to see all your assignments, invoices and paychecks in one simple dashboard.
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