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What's the deal with EasyFreelance?

How we work has changed. Todays workers want to work on their premisses. They want to work where they want, whenever they want, with what they want.

The one big issue? Tools to find work and get paid haven't kept up. Finding flexible work can be messy and is often limited to contractors with their own compay. With confusing local laws, complicated taxes, and even hefty fines (if you don't get it right).

The year it all clicked

TThat’s where we come in. We wanted to create a solution that was easy for scaling Gig and Marketplace businesses to instantly pay their workforce, while ensuring that all the taxes, insurances and pensions were covered.
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How to create the platform?

We took a developer-first approach, and worked directly with Marketplace and Gig founders to ensure that the features which were developed were ones that they actually needed.
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The best in the business

The gig economy plays a vital role in the future of work, and more individuals will continue to engage in some form of short-term gig work the coming years. We see Gig and Marketplace businesses as enablers of the new economy and that EasyFreelance is a natural partner in their journey towards growth.
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“Thank you EasyFreelance! Love the service! User-friendly, fast, simple, no bookeeping headaches! :)”
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